300 List Of Verb With Hindi Meanings And Forms



A verb is a word that in syntax conveys an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. In the usual description of English, the basic form, with or without the particle to, is the infinitive. In many languages, verbs are inflected to encode tense, aspect, mood, and voice.

क्रिया (verb) वह शब्द है जिसके माध्यम से subject के कार्य, अधिकार, सम्बन्ध या अवस्था का बोध होता है|

List Of Verbs With Hindi Meaning And Types

Act अभिनय करना Acted Acted
Admire प्रशंशा करना Admired Admired
Admit भरती Admitted Admitted
Adopt गोद लेना Adopted Adopted
Agree मानना Agreed Agreed
Allow परवानगी देना Allowed Allowed
Announce जा हर करना Announced Announced
Answer जवाब देना Answered Answered
Apologize मा मांगना Apologized Apologized
Appear कट होना Appeared Appeared
Appoint नयु करना Appointed Appointed
Argue बहस करना Argued Argued
Arise उठना / जागना Arose Arisen
Arrange व तत करना Arranged Arranged
Arrest अटक करना Arrested Arrested
Arrive आगमन होना Arrived Arrived
Attach जोड़ना Attached Attached
Attack आ मण करना Attacked Attacked
Attempt यास करना Attempted Attempted
Attend उप त होना Attended Attended
Avoid टालना Avoided Avoided
Await इंतजार करना Awaited Awaited
Award इनाम देना Awarded Awarded
Ban तबंद करना banned Banned
Be होना Was, were Been
Become होना Became Become
Bend झुकना Bent Bent
Bet दाव लगाना Bet Bet
Bid बोली लगाना Bid Bid
Bless आशीवा द देना Blessed Blessed
Break तोडना Broke Broken
Bring लाना brought brought
Build बांधना Built Built
burn जलना Burnt Burnt
Burn जलना Burnt Burnt
Burst फू टना Burst Burst
Bury गाढ़ देना Buried Buried
Buy खरीदना Bought Bought
Call बलु ाना Called Called
Cancel र करना Canceled Canceled
Care देखभाल करना Cared Cared
Carry ले जाना Carried Carried
Catch पकड़ना Caught Caught
Celebrate मनाना Celebrated Celebrated
Challenge चुनौती देना Challenged Challenged
Change बदलना Changed Changed
Cheat धोकाधडी करना Cheated Cheated
Check जाँच करना Checked Checked
Clarify करना Clarified Clarified
Clean सफाई करना Cleaned Cleaned
Clear साफ करना Cleared Cleared
Climb चढ़ना Climbed Climbed
Close बंद करना Closed Closed
Collect इ कठा करना Collected Collected
Come आना Came Come
Command कु म चलाना Commanded Commanded
Comment टप णी करना Commented Commented
Compare तलु ना करना Compared Compared
Construct नमा ण करना Constructed Constructed
Control नयं ण करना Controlled Controlled
Cook पकाना Cooked Cooked
Copy नक़ल करना Copied Copied
Cure इलाज करना Cured Cured
Cut काटना Cut Cut
Dance नाचना Danced Danced
Decide नण य लेना Decided Decided
Declare घो षत करना Declared Declared
Decorate सशु ो भत करना Decorated Decorated
Defeat परा जत करना Defeated Defeated
Demand मागं करना Demanded Demanded
Depend आ त रहना Depended Depended
Describe वण न करना Described Described
Desire इ ा जताना Desired Desired
Destroy नाश करना Destroyed Destroyed
Devote सम त करना Devoted Devoted
Die मरना Died Died
Disappear गायब होना Disappeared Disappeared
Discuss चचा करना Discussed Discussed
Dislike नापसंद करना Disliked Disliked
Dispatch भेजना Dispatched Dispatched
Distribute बाँटना Distributed Distributed
Divide वभा जत करना Divided Divided
Do करना Did Done
Draw च बनाना Drew Drawn
Dream वाब देखना Dreamt Dreamt
Drive चलाना Drove Driven
Earn कमाना Earned Earned
Eat खाना Ate Eaten
Elect नवा जत करना Elected Elected
Embrace गले लगाना Embraced Embraced
Employ नौकरी देना Employed Employed
Enjoy मजा करना Enjoyed Enjoyed
Enquire पूछताछ करना Enquired Enquired
Enter अंदर जाना Entered Entered
Establish ा पत करना Established Established
Exchange अदलाबदली करना Exchanged Exchanged
Excuse मा करना Excused Excused
Expand व तार करना Expanded Expanded
Expect अपे ा करना Expected Expected
Experience अनुभव करना Experienced Experienced
Explain समझाना Explained Explained
Export नयात करना Exported Exported
Extend बढ़ाना Extended Extended
Face सामना करना Faced Faced
Fade फ का पड़ना Faded Faded
Fail असफल होना Failed Failed
Fall गरना Fell Fallen
Favour मेहरबानी Favoured Favoured
Fear घबराना Feared Feared
Feed खलाना Fed Fed
Feed खलाना Fed Fed
Feel महसुस करना Felt Felt
Fight लढाई करना Fought Fought
Fight लढाई करना fought fought
Fill भरना Filled Filled
Find पाना Found Found
Finish ख़ म करना Finished Finished
Flatter खुशामद करना Flattered Flattered
Fly उड़ना Flew Flown
Follow अनुसरण करना Followed Followed
Force जबरद ती करना Forced Forced
Forget भूल जाना Forgot Forgotten
Forgive माफ़ करना Forgave Forgiven
Form बनाना, प देना Formed Formed
Forward आगे भेजना Forwarded Forwarded
Gain पाना Gained Gained
Gamble जआु खेलना Gambled Gambled
Generate उ प करना Generated Generated
Give देना Gave Given
Go जाना Went Gone
Greet वागत करना Greeted Greeted
Grow बढ़ना Grew Grown
Grumble बड़बड़ाना Grumbled Grumbled
Guard र ा करना Guarded Guarded
Guide माग दखलाना, माग दश न करना Guided Guided
Halt पड़ाव डालना, कना Halted Halted
Handcuff बेडी ठोकना Handcuffed Handcuffed
Handle नयं ण करना Handled Handled
Hang टांगना / लटकना Hung Hung
Hang फाँसी देना Hanged Hanged
Harass सताना, तंग करना Harassed Harassed
Harm नुकसान करना Harmed Harmed
Help मदत करना Helped Helped
Hide छपना Hid Hidden
Hire कराये पर देना, भाड़े पर रखना Hired Hired
Hit मारना Hit Hit
Hoist खड़ा करना, उभाड़ना Hoisted Hoisted
Hold पकड़ना Held Held
Honour स मान देना Honoured Honoured
Hurt ज मी करना Hurt Hurt
Identify पहचानना Identified Identified
Imagine क पना करना Imagined Imagined
Imprison बदं बनाना Imprisoned Imprisoned
Increase बढ़ना Increased Increased
Indicate दशा ना Indicated Indicated
Inform स ू चत करना Informed Informed
Injure ज मी होना Injured Injured
Install ा पत करना Installed Installed
Instruct नद श देना Instructed Instructed
Insult अपमान करना Insulted Insulted
Interview मुलाखत Interviewed Interviewed
Introduce पहचान करवाना Introduced Introduced
Invent खोज करना Invented Invented
Invest नवेश करना Invested Invested
Invite आमं त करना Invited Invited
Iron इ ी करना Ironed Ironed
Join जोड़ना Joined Joined
Jump कू दना Jumped Jumped
Keep रखना Kept Kept
Kick लाथ मारना Kicked Kicked
Kidnap अपहरण करना Kidnaped Kidnaped
Kill मार देना Killed Killed
Knit बुनना Knit Knit
Knock दरवाजा खटखटाना Knocked Knocked
Know जानना Knew Knew
Learn सीखना Learnt Learnt
Learn सीखना Learned Learned
Leave छोड़ना Left Left
Lend उधार देना Lent Lent
Lick चाटना Licked Licked
Lie लेटना Lay Lain
Lie झूठ बोलना Lied Lied
Lift ऊपर उठाना Lifted Lifted
Light जलाना, का शत करना Lighted Lighted
Live रहना Lived Lived
Locate ढूंड नकालना Located Located
Look देखना Looked Looked
Lose खोना, हारना Lost lost
Love यार करना Loved Loved
Maintain संभालना, बनाए रखना Maintained Maintained
Make बनाना Made Made
Marry शाद करना Married Married
Mean अथ होना Meant Meant
Melt पघलाना, गल जाना Melted Melted
Mention उ लेख करना Mentioned Mentioned
Mind मन लगाना Minded Minded
Miss चूकना Missed Missed
Move हलना Moved Moved
Murder खून करना Murdered Murdered
Narrate बयान करना Narrated Narrated
Need ज रत होना Needed Needed
Nominate ना मत करना Nominated Nominated
Note लख लेना Noted Noted
Notice यान देना Noticed Noticed
Nourish पोषण करना Nourished Nourished
Oblige एहसान करना, मजबूर करना Obliged Obliged
Open खोलना Opened Opened
Overtake आगे प चं ना Overtook Overtaken
Pardon माफ़ करना Pardoned Pardoned
Paste चपकाना Pasted Pasted
Pay अदा करना Paid Paid
Prefer पसंद करना, चुनना Preferred Preferred
Prepare तैयार करना Prepared Prepared
Produce उ पादन करना Produced Produced
Promise वचन देना Promised Promised
Protect र ा करना Protected Protected
Prove स करना Proved Proved
provide उपल कराना provided provided
Publish का शत करना Published Published
Pull खीचना Pulled Pulled
Punish सजा देना Punished Punished
Push धके लना Pushed Pushed
Put रखना Put Put
Quarrel झगड़ना Quarreled Quarreled
Question सवाल पछू ना Questioned Questioned
Rain बा रश गरना Rained Rained
Raise बढ़ाना Raised Raise
Reach प चना Reached Reached
Read पढना Read Read
Realize एहसास होना Realized Realized
Receive वीकारना Received Received
Reconcile मेल बठाना Reconciled Reconciled
Reduce कम करना Reduced Reduced
Refine साफ़ करना Refined Refined
Reflect त बब देखना Reflected Reflected
Refund लौटाना Refunded Refunded
Refuse नकारना Refused Refused
Regret पछतावा करना Regretted Regretted
Reject अ वीकार करना Rejected Rejected
Relax आराम करना Relaxed Relaxed
Remember याद करना Remembered Remembered
Remind याद दलाना Reminded Reminded
Represent त न ध व Represented Represented
Require ज रत होना Required Required
Reserve आर त रखना Reserved Reserved
Resign इ तीफा देना Resigned Resigned
Respect आदर करना Respected Respected
Rest आराम करना Rested Rested
Reveal कट करना Revealed Revealed
Revise दोहराना Revised Revised
Ride सवार होना Rode Ridden
Ring घंट बजाना Rang Rung
Rise उठना Rose Risen
Roam भटकना Roamed Roamed
Rob चोरी करना Robbed Robbed
Rush ज द करना, झपटना Rushed Rushed
Sacrifice याग करना Sacrificed Sacrificed
Save बचाना Saved Saved
Say कहना Said Said
Search खोजना Searched Searched
See देखना Saw Seen
Seem अभास होना Seemed Seemed
Select चुनना Selected Selected
Sell ब चना Sold Sold
Set लगाना Set Set
Share ह सा देना Shared Shared
Shine चमकना Shone Shone
Shoot गोली मारना Shot Shot
Shout च लाना Shouted Shouted
Shrink सकु ड़ना Shrank Shrunk
Shut बंद करना Shut Shut
Sign ह ता र करना Signed Signed
Sing गाना Sang Sung
Sink डूबना Sank Sunk
Sit बैठना Sat Sat
Sleep सोना Slept Slept
Smell सूंघना Smelt Smelt
Smell सघूं ना Smelled Smelled
Solve हल करना Solved Solved
Sow बज बोना Sowed Sowed
Spare आ धकव तु रखना Spared Spared
Speak बोलना Spoke Spoken
Spend खच करना Spent Spent
Stab छु रा भोकना Stabbed Stabbed
Stand खड़े रहना Stood Stood
Stare एकटक देखना Stared Stared
Start शु वात करना Started Started
State कथन करना Stated Stated
Stay रहना Stayed Stayed
Steal चोरी हो जाना Stole Stolen
Stick चपकाना Sticked Sticked
Stitch सलाई करना Stitched Stitched
Stop कना Stopped Stopped
Study पढाई करना Studied Studied
Submit तुत करना Submitted Submitted
Subscribe सद य बनना Subscribed Subscribed
Succeed सफल होना Succeeded Succeeded
Suffer भुगतना Suffered Suffered
Suggest सलाह देना Suggested Suggested
Support आधार देना Supported Supported
Suppose क पना करना Supposed Supposed
Surprise च कत होना Surprised Surprised
Surrender शरण जाना Surrendered Surrendered
Survey सव ण करना Surveyed Surveyed
Swear कसम लेना Swore Sworn
Sweep झाडु लगाना Swept Swept
Swim तैरना Swam Swum
Sympathize सहानुभ त देना Sympathized Sympathized
Take लेना Took Taken
Talk बोलना Talked Talked
Tally मलाना Tallied Tallied
Taste चखना Tasted Tasted
Teach पढ़ाना Taught Taught
Tell कहना Told Told
Thank शु या अदा करना Thanked Thanked
Think सोचना Thought Thought
Threaten डरना Threatened Threatened
Throw फे कना Threw Thrown
Tie बांधना Tied Tied
Toil मेहनत करना Toiled Toiled
Tolerate सहन करना Tolerated Tolerated
Torture सताना Tortured Tortured
Touch श करना Touched Touched
Trade ापार करना Traded Traded
Transfer तबादला करना Transferred Transferred
Translate भाषांतर करना Translated Translated
Transport प रवहन करना Transported Transported
Travel सफ़र करना Traveled Traveled
Treat इलाज करना Treated Treated
Trouble तकलीफ देना Troubled Troubled
Trust भरोसा रखना Trusted Trusted
Try यास करना Tried Tried
Turn घुमाना Turned Turned
Understand समझना Understood Understood
Verify यानपूव क देखना Verified Verified
Vomit उलट करना Vomited Vomited
Wag पूँछ हलाना Wagged Wagged
Wait इंतजार करना Waited Waited
Wake जागना Woke Woken
Walk चलना Walked Walked
Wander भटकना Wandered Wandered
Want ज रत होना Wanted Wanted
warm गरम होना Warmed Warmed
Warn चेतावनी देना Warned Warned
Wash साफ करना Washed Washed
Waste ख़राब करना Wasted Wasted
Watch नजर रखना Watched Watched
Wear कपडे पहनना Wore Worn
Whistle सट बजाना Whistled Whistled
Win जतना Won Won
Wish इ ा जा हर करना Wished Wished
Withdraw नकालना Withdrew Withdrawn
Witness गवाही देना Witnessed Witnessed
Wonder आ य करना Wondered Wondered
Work काम करना Worked Worked
Worry चता करना Worried Worried
Write लखना Wrote Written
Yell च लाना Yelled Yelled
Yield शरण आना Yielded Yielded

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