The Secretum Solution - The Start Of The Secure Messaging Era

Secretum - Secure Messaging Era

Secretum - Secure Messaging Era

Secretum is a Solana-based messaging service that aims to employ blockchain technology to protect private data. Our daily lives are revolving around the digital world more and more. Most of our communication is happening on messaging platforms and social media. Unfortunately, our private data and conversations aren’t always safe. 

Telegram took the world by storm when it was first released in 2013. The brainchild of the Durov brothers, the founders of VKontakte, known as “Russia’s Facebook”, the cloud-based app soon became a synonym for secure, end-to-end encrypted messages, and a wide range of channels and user-friendly features.

Telegram was an immediate hit and grew exponentially. From only 100,000 active daily users in October 2013, it reached 100 million in January 2016 and 500 million by the end of 2020. As of today, Telegram is the fifth most popular messaging app in the world.

Despite its success and growth, recent events have begun to put into doubt the reputation of Telegram as the go-to safe messaging app.

In June 2019, hackers were able to break into the Telegram accounts of thousands of top Brazilian officials, including President Bolsonaro. In March 2020, Telegram mistakenly exposed the data of 42 million users (user account IDs, phone numbers, and names).

Telegram suffered a massive data leak in August 2020 that exposed the personal data of over 500 million users. Cybercriminals were able to take advantage of Telegram’s chat scripting tools to hack bank account data. The cyber unit of the Chinese government claimed in 2018 to be able to hack into Telegram.

These events have led millions of users to openly ask - is Telegram really that safe?

Secretum: Going Beyond WhatsApp and Telegram

Secretum is the world’s first and only fully decentralised, encrypted, and secure messaging app, built on the Solana Blockchain. Thanks to its architecture, and the inherent characteristics of Blockchain technology, it offers many advantages:

  • End-to-end messaging encryption for all communications – no censorship, no moderation, and complete user privacy.
  • Messages and file storage only on trusted and independently verified nodes in the Secretum network – no single point of failure as for all other cloud-based messaging services.
  • A fully anonymous sign-up process via the user’s crypto wallet address only. Users don’t have to input their names, phone numbers, or any other personal data – eliminating completely the risk of data leaks and hacks.
  • No data collection/harvesting for marketing purposes – a common practice in other messaging apps.
  • An ecosystem built on the SER token, which allows staking and rewards for users who message, store files, and help expand the Secretum network.

The Secretum Solution - The Start Of The Secure Messaging Era

In 2020, a team of crypto technology experts from Lithuania began work on the ultimate blockchain-powered app, with the aim of creating the safest messaging protocol in the world — Secretum.

Secretum is the world’s first and only decentralized, encrypted messaging app, built on the innovative Ethereum and Solana Blockchains. It offers users an easy, intuitive, and direct messaging platform, based on unique technological innovations.

A completely secure and anonymous sign-up, only needing a crypto wallet address. There is no need for names, IDs, or phone numbers (like Telegram). It’s total user privacy, without compromise. There is no cloud storage and no user moderation. It has complete end-to-end encryption for all messages between users — completely eliminating the risk of hacks or data leaks.

All messaging history and files are held on anonymous, independent, and non-connected nodes, on the Secretum network, which eliminates all points of failure and, as it grows and expands its nodes, becomes increasingly secure.

In addition to its advantages as a messaging app, Secretum also revolutionizes how crypto assets are exchanged. Via a proprietary P2P function, all fungible and non-fungible crypto assets can be traded P2P without the need for an exchange, as easy as sending a message to a friend. Thanks to Solana, the fastest Blockchain in the world, Secretum fully takes advantage of low gas fees, high block speeds, and minimal commissions.

Secretum sets a new standard for global messaging apps, making communications more secure, more reliable, and more trustworthy than ever before. With its crypto trading functions, it positions itself to ride the trend of rising global crypto asset ownership and trading.

Thanks to its technology and functions, Secretum has the potential to become a globally known and recognized brand, just like Telegram, only without its limitations.

FAQ On Secretum Solution Messaging App

What does it mean to be a decentralized mobile application?

  • It means that there is no single managing body of the application. Your data is not routed through datacenters, but through nodes. There can be an arbitrary number of nodes in the network. It is nearly impossible to ban this application or filter it through a certain regulatory body.

How is secretum different from any traditional messenger application?

  • Secretum offers ultimate privacy by means of Blockchain and decentralization.

How does decentralized messaging work?

  • Your messages get encrypted first and then route securely through a number of nodes before finally arriving at the final destination. Compared to our decentralization, the traditional centralized messaging systems send your message to data centers, analyze it for data mining, and then send it to the receiving body. We don’t do that.

How do I know for sure that my messages are being encrypted?

  • Every conversation you initiate is started with a completely random key which never travels over the network, which means that there is no way any intruder can intercept your network traffic to know the key. Without the key, even if someone does get a hold of one of your messages, they will never be able to read it. All our communication protocols are built on an assumption that network medium is always compromised, which makes it impossible to intercept and spoof the communication.

What is the purpose of having "own nodes"?

  • Nodes are the endpoints which route data to your application, nodes may also store (encrypted) data of yours temporarily. Although it is encrypted with impenetrable measures, if you are still worried about your data being on someone else’s node (temporarily), you can also fire up your “own” node and be 100% sure that the data is within your vicinity.

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