Kookmin Bank - Profile And Details

KB Kookmin Bank (주식회사 국민은행)

KB Kookmin Bank

  • Founded : 01 November 1963
  • Headquarters : Seoul, South Korea
  • Parent : KB Financial Group
  • Site : KB Kookmin Bank

Kookmin Bank or KB Kookmin Bank (주식회사 국민은행 / Jusik Hoesa Gungmin Eunhaeng) is among the four largest banks ranked by asset value in South Korea at the end of March 2014. It is the largest among banks in Korea and 60th largest in the world by 2017.

Current KB Kookmin Bank was formed in Dec, 2000 between old Kookmin Bank and Housing & Commercial Bank. They were both founded by the Korean government in 1960s for special purposes. Kookmin Bank, which specially provided financial service for middle and low income consumers, was privatized in 1995. During the Asian financial crises both banks acquired other financially troubled banks. The merger of two banks was partly due to the government policy to make banks bigger and more stable. After the merger, KB acquired various companies include credit card, insurance and brokerage firm to transform in to the financial group in 2008. In Sep, 2004, Kookmin Bank said it would restate its 2003 and 2004 earnings after a financial watchdog found the bank avoided $270 million in taxes.

KB Financial Group is Korea’s leading financial services provider offering broad range of financial products and services.

The Group was founded in 2008 to better serve clients, enable growth and deliver value in a rapidly changing financial environment. Our core strengths are expertise, broad customer base, wide distribution network and strong brand.

Under the Group, there are 13 subsidiaries including: KB Kookmin Bank, KB Securities, KB Insurance, KB Kookmin Card, Prudential Life Insurance, KB Asset Management, KB Capital, KB Life Insurance, KB Real Estate Trust, KB Savings Bank, KB Investment, KB Data Systems and KB Credit Information. Through our businesses, we are providing integrated financial solutions and services to our clients to help them achieve their financial goals and thrive.

KB Financial Group has established its Mission to provide financial service delivering changes for happier life & better world, and its Vision to become the trusted financial partner for a lifetime driven by world-class talents and bold innovation. Based on prompt decision making and agile execution, we will continue to be recognized as the most trusted leading financial group by offering differentiated products and services through constant innovation.

KB Kookmin Bank Core Value

  1. Customer-centricity : Benefits to our customers and prioritized in our decision making.
  2. Expertise : We relentlessly strive to develop industry-leading competencies.
  3. Innovation : We foster creative thinking and drive first mover initiatives to reshape the future of the financial services industry.
  4. Trust & Integrity : As a financial services provider we adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, always acting in good faith and with integrity.
  5. Shared growth : By growing together with our customers we aim to contribute to the advancement of society.

KB Kookmin Bank Management

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers and dear shareholders who support KB Financial Group with unwavering trust and love, as well as to all of those who have come a long way together with KB Financial Group.

KB Financial Group has constantly been making every effort in order for its affiliates to achieve the bold dream of ‘Financial service delivering changes’ based on ‘Customer-Oriented Management’.

As a lifelong financial partner, we will focus all of the group's capabilities to become your most-beloved leading financial group by keeping the following promises.

First, the top priority of KB Financial Group is our customers. We will bring you differentiated financial services through customer-centered digital innovation based on the value of ‘Customer-Centric’ in all of our business activities.

Second, we will strengthen our core competitiveness, discover new global business areas and new growth engines, upon which our future depends, and solidify our position as Korea's leading financial group.

Third, we will further strengthen our social responsibility through ESG management in all areas of Environment (E), Society (S), and Governance (G), to become an ‘Exemplary Financial group' that creates social changes by creating future values.

Fourth, we will go all out to nurture 'World Class' talents who will lead the group's sustainable growth based on a horizontal corporate culture that encourages challenges and respects each other.

Based on these efforts, KB Financial Group will establish a new paradigm in Korea's finance and leap forward to become the No.1 Financial Platform Company best-loved by our customers as a lifelong financial partner.

Wishing you and your family good health and happiness always, we look forward to your continued interest in and support for KB Financial Group.

KB Kookmin Bank Ethics on Customers

  • Placing our Customers First : KB Financial Group places the top priority on our customers in determining the standard of conduct for all of our activities. We strive to constantly think and act from the customer’s point of view and deliver customer delight by providing excellence in financial products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Protecting our Customers : KB Financial Group is committed to safeguarding the property, security and personal information of our customers, and does not engage in any immoral or unethical practices that infringe upon the rights of our customers.
  • Respecting our Customers : Employees and staff of KB Financial Group approach all tasks with sincerity and alacrity, engaging in ethical marketing activities building on a strong foundation of expert financial knowledge.

KB Kookmin Bank Ethics on Shareholders and Investors

  • Maximizing Shareholder and Investor Profit : KB Financial Group protects the rights of our shareholders and investors, respecting their rightful demands and suggestions and building trust through a transparent and reasonable decision-making process and sound business activities, and enhances corporate market value by generating stable revenues.
  • Protecting Shareholder Rights : KB Financial Group engages with all of our shareholders fairly and equally, whether they be minor or major shareholders, or domestic or foreign, with all management decisions taken in careful consideration of the benefits of all shareholders to ensure no shareholder benefits or rights are wrongfully violated.
  • Providing Open and Transparent Information : KB Financial Group creates and maintains financial records according to generally-accepted accounting principles, and provides financial statements and business results with openness and transparency. We disclose our business information according to all relevant regulations in complete, unbiased, timely and accurate and easily understandable manner in order to enable investors, as our potential shareholders, and all interested parties and users to make reasonable and informed investment decisions.

KB Kookmin Bank Ethics on Civic and Social Duties

  • Contributing to National Economic and Social Development : KB Financial Group is a partner for national economic development, contributing to our national economic growth through job creation and full compliance to tax obligations. In addition, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by supporting education and the culture and arts and engaging in corporate social initiatives including charity programs and community service activities.
  • Preventing Disasters and Protecting the Environment : KB Financial Group complies with all safety-related regulations and local and international environmental regulations, and strives to maintain the highest level of disaster and crisis prevention and awareness and engage in environmental protection.
  • Prohibiting Political Involvement : KB Financial Group does not engage in activities that depart from complete political neutrality by expressing or providing support for any political parties or candidates. Contributions to any political or charity organizations are made in strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

KB Kookmin Bank Ethics on Competitors and Partners

  • Complying with Local and International Laws : As a responsible corporate citizen and member of our community, KB Financial Group fully complies with all laws and regulations relevant to the prevention of corruption, bribery and money laundering. As a member of the international community, we respect international agreements, regulations and other globally-accepted protocols and all local laws, cultures and customs.
  • Competing Fairly with Other Financial Institutions : KB Financial Group is committed to promoting fair and free market competition according to the principles of free and open competition, engaging in fair competition with other financial institutions and fully complying with fair-trade laws and regulations.
  • Engaging in Fair Business with our Suppliers : KB Financial Group pursues joint win-win growth and development by building mutual trust and cooperative relationships with our suppliers through fair and transparent business practices. We do not make unfair demands by using our preferred market position, and uphold the highest degree of integrity in signing and fulfilling all contracts.

KB Kookmin Bank Ethics as a Financial Group

  • Maximizing Group Value : KB Financial Group seeks to achieve maximum value for the Company by sharing business principles and visions, building synergy between business divisions and efficiently leveraging business resources.
  • Respecting our Subsidiaries and Affiliates : KB Financial Group guarantees management autonomy based on clear goal-setting and equitable assessment of our family companies. We closely heed the opinions of all of our members on maximizing the Company value, integrating their input into managing the Company.

KB Kookmin Bank Ethics on Employees and Staff

  • Upholding Dignity and Equality : KB Financial Group respects the dignity and privacy of all of our employees and staff. We do not discriminate based on place of birth, family background, educational background, gender, religion, age, disability or marital status, and guarantee equal opportunities based on personal ability and talent and fair compensation based on equitable assessment of performance.
  • Nurturing Talent : KB Financial Group is committed to developing talent and supporting the self-actualization of all of our team members by respecting the autonomy and creativity of each individual employee, enhancing workplace satisfaction by fairly assigning work opportunities conductive to personal skills growth, and operating a wide range of training programs for building professional expertise.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life : KB Financial Group firmly believes that our people are our most valuable assets, and provides the right conditions for maintaining work-life balance and maintains a sound working environment for ensuring the health and safety of our employees in the course of fulfilling their workplace tasks. We respect the dignity and fundamental rights of all employees, and strive to create a mature organizational culture founded on mutual respect where no voice is left unheard.

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