Star Atlas (ATLAS) Crypto Profile And Details

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

What is Star Atlas (ATLAS)?

Star Atlas is a space exploration themed role-playing game (RPG) built on the Solana network. The game takes place in the year 2620, with political factions, territorial pursuit, high-tech weaponry and space craft enriching different aspects of the gameplay. 

Star Atlas taps into the growing play-to-earn sector of the cryptocurrency space, popularized by games such as Axie Infinity. Play-to-earn games allow players to earn rewards with real-world value for completing tasks and reaching milestones in the game.

Players are rewarded for their successes while exploring the galaxy with ATLAS tokens, which they can use to buy in-game items such as weapons, ships, land and mining equipment. These items, which take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are a key aspect of the game, allowing players to take ownership over their own strategies and choose their own adventures. 

Who Created Star Atlas?

Star Atlas was co-founded by its current CEO Michael Wagner, a chartered financial analyst who has focused on blockchain projects over the past several years.

The game has been deployed on the Solana blockchain, utilizing its 50,000 transactions per second (tps) speed and comparatively low network costs. Star Atlas reached the market through an initial token sale when various in-game NFT assets were launched alongside the ATLAS token.

Investors in the Star Atlas project include Sino Global Capital, Republic Crypto, and Animoca Brands.

How Does ATLAS Work?

The Star Atlas world is built on the Solana blockchain to utilize its fast speeds, low transaction costs and scalability. The was built using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite system, which is among the most advanced game design engines on the market.

Star Atlas taps into the buzz around Metaverse technology and play-to-earn gaming, offering a peer-to-peer in-game economy, with land, assets, and other items represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This in-game economy centers around the Serum decentralized exchange built upon the Solana network. Serum allows players to buy and sell their in-game assets directly between each other, without the involvement of an intermediary company taking custody of these assets.

Star Atlas Gameplay

Star Atlas players’ goal is to expand their space empire by acquiring land, mining the land for resources, and exploring the galaxy in search of ancient artifacts. On these adventures, players may encounter other players, as well as the lost ships, weapons and crews of deceased players who may have tried and failed to discover these treasures. As in-game items and rewards have real world value beyond the Star Atlas galaxy, players are incentivized to collect these items and capitalize on their achievements.

New players can first get comfortable with the gameplay and explore the galaxy in the Faction Security Zone, while learning the basic battle functions and weapons. Once players feel ready, they can venture out to the Medium Security Zone, engaging in combat with other players and returning with NFT bounties to sell or trade. 

Some players may wish to operate as a landowner and team up with other players. For example, one player manages the extraction of raw materials from the land, while another utilizes the materials to fuel adventures across the galaxy and earn rewards in combat. Star Atlas’ innovative Land Value Tax (LVT) prevents properties from being flipped, while incentivizing users to make use of their land. Players can also buy and sell land, collect taxes, or use land as collateral for loans.

Players can expand their operations and attain greater power by purchasing mining equipment, land and larger ships. Assets are created as NFTs and are available for trading in the Atlas marketplace, which has been the site of limited release items such as unique spacecraft from a Galactic Asset Offering (GAO). 

Star Atlas Economy

The monetary system in Star Atlas, based on the play-to-earn theme, provides an incentive for players to engage more with the game. This game utilizes a dual token economy system based on the ATLAS and POLIS tokens.

ATLAS is the medium of exchange that Star Atlas players use to pay for items and receive as rewards for reaching milestones. POLIS token is the governance token of Star Atlas which creates a fully decentralized ecosystem where players can help determine the future development of the game.

Why does ATLAS have value?

As the native medium of exchange within the Star Atlas universe, ATLAS tokens facilitate the transfer of value both within the game and across the wider cryptocurrency market.

As more people are drawn into the Star Atlas game, there may be greater demand from players looking to fund their gaming experience. Players would look to increase their ATLAS holdings in order to continue funding their exploration and progressing in the game.

ATLAS tokens also have a deflationary aspect built into the gameplay. Spacecraft bought with ATLAS tokens can be lost in battle. Destroyed in-game NFT items are burned, eliminating their value from the market.

The initial coin sales for the project have been strong, with Star Atlas tokens reaching a 5000% oversubscription rate in the initial token sales, a 1600% oversubscribed status in the Apollo X DEX offering with over $8 million of staked capital, and a 3400% filling on Raydium.

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