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Physics 11th Standard Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) [L1M1T-2] is the dimensional formula for

A) Velocity
B) Acceleration
C) Force
D) Work

Ans : Force

2) A light year is a unit of ______.

A) Time
B) Mass
C) Distance
D) Luminosity

Ans : Distance

3) Dimensions of kinetic energy are the same as that of __________.

A) Force
B) Acceleration
C) Work
D) Pressure

Ans : Work

4) Which of the following is not a fundamental unit?

A) Cm
B) Kg
C) Centigrade
D) Volt 

Ans : volt

5) The resultant of two forces 10 N and 15 N acting along +x and - x-axes respectively, is

A) 25 N along + x-axis
B) 25 N along - x-axis
C) 5 N along + x-axis
D) 5 N along - x-axis

Ans : 5 N along - x-axis

6) For two vectors to be equal, they should have the

A) Same magnitude
B) Same direction
C) Same magnitude and direction
D) Same magnitude but opposite direction

Ans : Same magnitude and direction

7) The magnitude of scalar product of two unit vectors perpendicular to each other is

A) Zero
B) 1
C) -1
D) 2

Ans : Zero

8) An object thrown from a moving bus is on example of _____.

A) Uniform circular motion
B) Rectilinear motion
C) Projectile motion
D) Motion in one dimension

Ans : Projectile motion

9) For a particle having a uniform circular motion, which of the following is constant

A) Speed
B) Acceleration
C) Velocity
D) Displacement

Ans : Speed

10) The bob of a conical pendulum undergoes

A) Rectilinear motion in horizontal plane
B) Uniform motion in a horizontal circle
C) Uniform motion in a vertical circle
D) Rectilinear motion in vertical circle

Ans : Uniform motion in a vertical circle

11) For uniform acceleration in rectilinear motion which of the following is not correct?

A) Velocity-time graph is linear
B) Acceleration is the slope of velocity-time graph
C) The area under the velocity-time graph equals displacement
D) Velocity-time graph is nonlinear

Ans : Velocity-time graph is nonlinear

12) Consider following forces: (w) Force due to tension along a string, (x) Normal force given by a surface, (y) Force due to air resistance, and (z) Buoyant force or upthrust given by a fluid.
Which of these are electromagnetic forces?

A) Only w, y and z
B) Only w, x and y
C) Only x, y and z
D) All four

Ans : All four

13) The value of acceleration due to gravity is maximum at ________.

A) The equator of the Earth
B) The center of the Earth
C) The pole of the Earth
D) Slightly above the surface of the Earth

Ans : The pole of the Earth

14) The weight of a particle at the center of the Earth is _______.

A) Infinite
B) Zero
C) Same as that at other places
D) Greater than at the poles

Ans : Zero

15) The gravitational potential due to the Earth is minimum at _______.

A) The center of the Earth
B) The surface of the Earth
C) Points inside the Earth but not at its center.
D) Infinite distance

Ans : The center of the Earth

16) Change in dimensions is known as _________.

A) Deformation
B) Formation
C) Contraction
D) Strain

Ans : Deformation

17) The point on the stress-strain curve at which strain begins to increase even without increase in stress is called ________

A) Elastic point
B) Yield point
C) Breaking point
D) Neck point

Ans : Yield point

18) Strain energy of a stretched wire is 18 × 10-3 J and strain energy per unit volume of the same wire and same cross-section is 6×10-3 J/m3. Its volume will be _________.

A) 3cm3
B) 3 m3
C) 6 m3
D) 6 cm3

Ans : 3 m3

19) ________ is the property of a material which enables it to resist plastic deformation.

A) Elasticity
B) Plasticity
C) Hardness
D) Ductility

Ans : Hardness

20) The ability of a material to resist fracturing when force is applied to it, is called ______.

A) Toughness
B) Hardness
C) Elasticity
D) Plasticity

Ans : Toughness

21) Range of temperature in a clinical thermometer, which measures the temperature of the human body, is

A) 70º C to 100º C
B) 34º C to 42º C
C) 0º F to 100º F
D) 34º F to 80º F

Ans : 34º C to 42º C

22) A glass bottle completely filled with water is kept in the freezer. Why does it crack?

A) Bottle gets contracted
B) Bottle is expanded
C) Water expands on freezing
D) Water contracts on freezing

Ans : Water expands on freezing

23) If two temperatures differ by 25° C on Celsius scale, the difference in temperature on Fahrenheit scale is

A) 65°
B) 45°
C) 38°
D) 25°

Ans : 45°

24) If α, β and γ are coefficients of linear, area l and volume expansion of a solid then

A) α : β : γ = 1 : 3 : 2
B) α : β : γ = 1 : 2 : 3
C) α : β : γ = 2 : 3 : 1
D) α : β : γ = 3 : 1 : 2

Ans : α : β : γ = 1 : 2 : 3

25) A sound carried by air from a sitar to a listener is a wave of the following type.

A) Longitudinal stationary
B) Transverse progressive
C) Transverse stationary
D) Longitudinal progressive

Ans : Longitudinal progressive

26) When sound waves travel from air to water, which of these remains constant?

A) Velocity
B) Frequency
C) Wavelength
D) All of above

Ans : Frequency

27) The Laplace’s correction in the expression for velocity of sound given by Newton is needed because sound waves

A) Are longitudinal
B) Propagate isothermally
C) Propagate adiabatically
D) Are of long wavelength

Ans : Propagate adiabatically

28) Speed of sound is maximum in

A) Air
B) Water
C) Vacuum
D) Solid

Ans : Solid

29) The walls of the hall built for music concerns should

A) Amplify sound
B) Reflect sound
C) Transmit sound
D) Absorb sound

Ans : Absorb sound

30) As per the recent understanding, light consists of

A) Rays
B) Waves
C) Corpuscles
D) Photons obeying the rules of waves

Ans : Photons obeying the rules of waves

31) Two plane mirrors are inclined at angle of 40° between them. Number of images seen of a tiny object kept between them is

A) Only 8
B) Only 9
C) 8 or 9
D) 9 or 10

Ans : 8 or 9

32) A concave mirror of curvature 40 cm, used for shaving purposes produces image of double size as that of the object. Object distance must be

A) 10 cm only
B) 20 cm only
C) 30 cm only
D) 10 cm or 30 cm

Ans : 10 cm or 30 cm

33) Which of the following aberrations will NOT occur for spherical mirrors?

A) Chromatic aberration
B) Coma
C) Distortion
D) Spherical aberration

Ans : Chromatic aberration

34) A student uses spectacles of number -2 for seeing distant objects. Commonly used lenses for her/his spectacles are

A) Bi-concave
B) Double concave
C) Concavo-convex
D) Convexo-concave

Ans : Bi-concave

35) Which of the following produces uniform electric field?

A) Point charge
B) Linear charge
C) Two parallel plates
D) Charge distributed an circular any

Ans : Two parallel plates

36) Which of the following is an ohmic conductor?

A) Transistor
B) Vacuum tube
C) Electrolyte
D) Nichrome wire

Ans : Nichrome wire

37) The wire of length L and resistance R is stretched so that its radius of cross-section is halved. What is its new resistance?

A) 5R
B) 8R
C) 4R
D) 16R

Ans : 16R

38) Masses of three pieces of wires made of the same metal are in the ratio 1:3:5 and their lengths are in the ratio 5:3:1. The ratios of their resistances are

A) 1:3:5
B) 5:3:1
C) 1:15:125
D) 125:15:1

Ans : 125:15:1

39) The internal resistance of a cell of emf 2V is 0.1Ω it is connected to resistance of 0.9Ω. The voltage across the cell will be

A) 0.5 V
B) 1.8 V
C) 1.95 V
D) 3 V

Ans : 1.8 V

40) 100 cells each of emf 5V and internal resistance 1Ω are to be arranged so as to produce maximum current in a 25Ω resistance. Each row contains equal number of cells. The number of rows should be

A) 2
B) 4
C) 5
D) 100

Ans : 2

41) Magnetic meridian is the plane

A) Perpendicular to the magnetic axis of Earth
B) Perpendicular to geographic axis of Earth
C) Passing through the magnetic axis of Earth
D) Passing through the geographic axis

Ans : Passing through the magnetic axis of Earth

42) The horizontal and vertical component of magnetic field of Earth are same at someplace on the surface of Earth. The magnetic dip angle at this place will be

A) 30°
B) 45°
C) 0°
D) 90°

Ans : 45°

43) Inside a bar magnet, the magnetic field lines

A) Are not present
B) Are parallel to the cross-sectional area of the magnet
C) Are in the direction from N pole to S pole
D) Are in the direction from S pole to N pole

Ans : Are in the direction from S pole to N pole

44) The EM wave emitted by the Sun and responsible for heating the Earth’s atmosphere due to greenhouse effect is

A) Infra-red radiation
B) X-ray
C) Microwave
D) Visible light

Ans : Infra-red radiation

45) Earth’s atmosphere is richest in

C) X-ray
D) Microwaves

Ans : IR

46) How does the frequency of a beam of ultraviolet light change when it travels from air into glass?

A) Depends on the values of μ and ε
B) Increases
C) Decreases
D) Remains same

Ans : Remains same

47) The waves used by artificial satellites for communication purposes are

A) Microwave
B) AM radio waves
C) FM radio waves
D) X-rays

 Ans : Microwave

48) If a TV telecast is to cover a radius of 640 km, what should be the height of the transmitting antenna?

A) 32000 m
B) 53000 m
C) 42000 m
D) 55000 m

Ans : 32000 m

49) Electric conduction through a semiconductor is due to:

A) Electrons
B) Holes
C) None of these
D) Both electrons and holes

Ans : Both electrons and holes

50) A reverse-biased diode is equivalent to:

A) An off switch
B) An on switch
C) A low resistance
D) None of the above

 Ans : An off switch



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