11th Psychology MCQ Collection



11th Psychology MCQ

 Psychology 11th Standard Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) Psychology is a study of ______.

A) Mind
B) Behaviour
C) Soul

Ans : Behaviour

2) ______ processes include thinking, memory, emotions etc.

A) Mental
B) Cognitive
C) Spiritual

Ans : Cognitive

3) The branches of Psychology which explore into relationships among different variables and human behaviour are known as ______ Psychology.

A) Theoretical
B) Applied
C) Common

Ans : Theoretical

 4) The study of human behaviour at work place is the concern of ______ Psychology.

A) Social
B) Industrial
C) Experimental

Ans : Industrial

 5) One can study the problems of adolescence in ______.

A) Developmental
B) Social
C) Cognitive

Ans : Developmental

 6) ______ Psychology is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.

A) Counselling
B) Cognitive
C) Clinical

Ans : Clinical

 7) The Self concept begins to form when ____________.

A) A one and half year old child recognizes her image in the mirror
B) An infant is able to distinguish his body from the rest in his surrounding.
C) A child recognizes his/herself as a boy or a girl

Ans : An infant is able to distinguish his body from the rest in his surrounding.

8) According to Carl Rogers, every individual strives for ______

A) Achievement
B) Self actualization
C) Status in society

Ans : Self actualization

9) Self esteem is a sense of self worth that depends upon ______.

A) Actual performance of an individual
B) Self perception of one’s own performance
C) Other people’s perception of one’s performance

Ans : Self perception of one’s own performance

 10) Ability to monitor our actions and feelings, is called ______.

A) Self regulation
B) Self awareness
C) Self efficacy

Ans : Self regulation

 11) The rate of development in each stage is _________

A) Same
B) Different
C) Slow

Ans : Different

12) Developmental changes occur in __________ pattern.

A) Predictable
B) Unpredictable
C) Uncertain

Ans : Predictable

13) The period between conception to birth is called __________

A) Postnatal
B) Perinatal
C) Prenatal

Ans : Prenatal

14) _________ period is also known as the period of identity crisis.

A) Childhood
B) Middle age
C) Adolescence

Ans : Adolescence

15) One of the criteria of well adjusted behaviour is ___________.

A) Intelligence
B) Openness to new experience
C) Success
D) Artistic ability

Ans : Openness to new experience

 16) According to the humanistic perspective, every individual strives for ___________.

A) Absence of problems
B) Absence of mental disorder
C) Enjoyment in life
D) Development of one’s abilities to the fullest

Ans : Development of one’s abilities to the fullest

 17) According to ____________ perspective, one of the causes of abnormality is 'genetic predisposition’.

A) Behavioural
B) Biological
C) Sociocultural
D) Cognitive

Ans : Biological

18) __________ face the identity crisis.

A) Children
B) Adolescents
C) Young adults
D) Old people

Ans : Adolescents

 19) When the demand of a situation exceeds personal and social resources an individual can mobilize, it leads to _________

A) Worries
B) Stress
C) Depression

Ans : Stress

20) ___________ leads to boredom.

A) Eustress
B) Hypostress
C) Distress

Ans : Hypostress

21) __________ is necessary for better performance.

A) High stress
B) Moderate stress
C) Low stress

Ans : Moderate stress

22) Low level of intelligence may act as ________ stressor while facing a difficult exam.

A) Internal
B) External
C) Imposed

Ans : Internal

23) __________ results when a goal-directed activity is blocked by some obstacle.

A) Frustration
B) Anger
C) Conflict

Ans : Frustration

24) ____________ are the building blocks of the nervous system.

A) Cells
B) Neurons
C) Tissues

Ans : Neurons

 25) Brain is a part of _________ nervous system.

A) Central
B) Peripheral
C) Somatic

Ans : Central

26) ___________ nervous system prepares us for the fight or flight responses.

A) Somatic
B) Parasympathetic
C) Sympathetic

Ans : Sympathetic

 27) The gap between two neurons is called _________

A) Synapse
B) Joint
C) Vacuum

Ans : Synapse

28) One of the important processes for storage of information in the LTM is ________

A) Perception
B) Elaborative rehearsal
C) Encodin

Ans : Elaborative rehearsal

29) Memory is a/an __________

A) Activity
B) Process
C) Performance

Ans : Process

 30) ___________ memory has the shortest duration.

A) Sensory
B) Short Term
C) Long Term

Ans : Sensory



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