11th Secretarial Practice MCQ Collection

Secretarial Practice

11th Secretarial Practice MCQ

Secretarial Practice 11th Standard Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) The word Secretary is derived from the Latin word __________ which means a confidential Writer.

A) Amaty    
B) Scribaed
C) Secretarius

Ans : Secretarius

2) Only ________ can be appointed as a Secretary.

A) An Individual
B) A Partnership firm
C) A Joint stock company.

Ans : An Individual

3) A Secretary is a custodian of __________ information.

A) Confidential
B) Individual
C) Investigative

Ans : Confidential

4) The Secretary of a Joint stock company should be a member of _____________ .


Ans : ICSI

5) ___________is the oldest type of Secretary.

A) Company Secretary
B) Personal Secretary
C) Secretary of Government Department

Ans : Personal Secretary

6) The main objective of a co-operative society is to _________the interest of its members.

A) Neglect
B) Takeover
C) Protect

Ans : Protect

7) Secretary of Government department must be a member of the __________


Ans : IAS
8) ________ means correctness in doing a work.

A) Accuracy
B) Loyalty
C) Courteous

Ans : Accuracy

9) A sole proprietorship has _______ owner/owners.

A) One
B) Two
C) Five

Ans : One

10) The head of Joint Hindu Family Business is called as_____

A) Proprietor
B) Director
C) Karta

Ans : Karta

11) Indian Partnership Act was passed in the year ________

A) 1923
B) 1932
C) 1956

Ans : 1932

12) The members of Hindu Undivided Family Business are called ________

A) Karta
B) Partners
C) Co-parceners

Ans : Co-parceners

13) The liability of shareholders in the public limited joint stock company is ________

A) Limited
B) Unlimited
C) Collective

Ans : Limited

14) The minimum number of members required for a co-operative society is ________

A) 10
B) 20
C) 50

Ans : 10

15) The ______ is/are elected representative of shareholders who manage affairs of company.

A) Secretary
B) Directors
C) Auditors

Ans : Directors

16) State Bank of India is the example of _________ Company.

A) Chartered
B) Statutory
C) Foreign

Ans : Statutory

17) A company is __________.

A) A human being
B) An artificial person created by law
C) An natural individual

Ans : An artificial person created by law

18) ___________ are the persons who undertake the process of formation of a company.

A) Promoters
B) Directors
C) Registrar of companies

Ans : Promoters

19) A_______ company needs minimum two or more members.

A) Public
B) Private
C) One person Company

Ans : Private

20) In a public company there must be minimum _________ or more members.

A) One
B) Two
C) Seven

Ans : Seven

21) ___________ Refers to contracts entered into by the promoters on behalf of a proposed company.

A) Pre-incorporation / preliminary contracts
B) Fiduciary contracts
C) Memorandum of association.

Ans : Pre-incorporation / preliminary contracts

22) A director must have a ________ to be appointed as a director of a company


Ans : DIN

23) __________is a document which invites the public to buy the shares of a company.

A) Articles of association
B) Prospectus
C) Certificate of incorporation

Ans : Prospectus

24) _______is a primary document of the company which contains the aims and objectives of the company.

A) Memorandum of Association
B) Articles of Association
C) Prospectus

Ans : Memorandum of Association

25) ________ is a person whose name is entered in the Register of Members.

A) Member
B) Creditors
C) Registrar

Ans : Member

26) A person can be called as a Member when the name is entered in ________

A) Register of charges
B) Register of Members
C) List of Members

Ans : Register of Members

27) A _______ cannot be a member of a company.

A) Foreigner
B) Woman
C) Minor

Ans : Minor

28) When a person buys shares of a company by filling up an application form, the person becomes a member by _________.

A) Application and allotment of shares
B) Subscribing to Memorandum
C) Transmission of Shares

Ans : Application and allotment of shares

29) ____________ means a person ceases being a member of the company of membership.

A) Termination of Membership
B) Acquisition of Membership
C) Subscription to Membership

Ans : Termination of Membership

30) A member has the right to participate in General Meetings means, he has a right to ________

A) Receive dividends
B) Receive notice and agenda of a meeting
C) To transfer his shares

Ans : Receive notice and agenda of a meeting

31) ________Comprises of a team of Director.

A) Board of Directors
B) Board of Trustees
C) Board of Managers

Ans : Board of Directors

32) ________ can be a director.

A) An Individual
B) A Firm
C) A Body corporate

Ans : An Individual

33) Up to _______ as maximum directors are allowed to a company.

A) Five
B) Fifteen
C) Fifty

Ans : Fifteen

34) A maximum of ________ Directorships is allowed to a person.

A) Two
B) Ten
C) Twenty

Ans : Twenty

35) _______ Is a unique identification number required to be a Director?


Ans : DIN

36) _______ Powers are the powers given to the Board under the Act.

A) Statutory
B) Managerial
C) Administrative

Ans : Statutory

37) Director represents company in his role as ________

A) Agent
B) Managing Partner
C) Employee

Ans : Agent

38) Managing Director is appointed for a period of ______  Years.

A) 5
B) 10
C) 15

Ans : 5

39) _________ is required to work under the superintendence, control, the guidance of the Boat.

A) Government
C) Managing Director

Ans : Managing Director

40) _________ Is an employee of the company?

A) Alternate director
B) Non-executive Director
C) Whole-time director

Ans : Whole-time director

41) _________ need not be a director of the company.

A) Manager
B) Managing Director
C) Whole-time director

Ans : Manager

42) _________ needs a whole time director.

A) Listed company
B) Partnership

Ans : Listed company

43) To provide guidance to Board is _____ duty of company Secretary

A) Personal
B) General
C) Statutory

Ans : Statutory

44) Only a member of ________ Can be a practicing Company Secretary


Ans : ICSI

45) ________ is to be prepared in prescribed form MR -3.

A) Annual Report
B) Auditors Report
C) Secretarial Audit Report

Ans : Secretarial Audit Report

46) The notice of the general meeting must be sent to all members ______ clear days before the meeting.

A) 24
B) 21
C) 14

Ans : 21

47) The person who presides over the meeting is known as ______.

A) Secretary
B) Chairman
C) Director

Ans : Chairman

48) A proxy can vote only in the case of voting by ______.

A) Division
B) Show of hand
C) Poll

Ans : Poll

49) The appointment of an auditor requires ______.

A) Resolution requiring special notice
B) An ordinary resolution
C) A special resolution

Ans : An ordinary resolution

50) A ______ is the proposal put before the meeting for discussion and decision.

A) Motion
B) Resolution
C) Minutes

Ans : Motion


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