F.Y.B.COM Business Comunication MCQ Collection


Business Comunication

F.Y.B.COM Business Comunication MCQ

F.Y.B.COM Business Comunication Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) Communication is a __________

A) One-way process.
B) Two-way process.
C) Three-way process.
D) Four-way process.

Ans : Two-way process.

2) As per Newman and Summer Communication is the Exchange of

A) Facts
B) Opinion
C) Emotions
D) All of the above

Ans : All of the above

3) The whole concept of Achieving success begins with how you ________

A) Behave
B) Think
C) Work
D) All of the above

Ans : All of the above

4) The term communis derived from ___________word.

A) Greek.
B) Latin.
C) Chinese.
D) English.

Ans : Latin

5) On the _________it is possible to get immediate feedback

A) Letter.
B) Telephone.
C) E-mail.
D) Fax.

Ans : Telephone

6) A group discussion of a real-life situation with in a training environment is ________

A) Discussion.
B) Listening.
C) Case study method.
D) All of the above.

Ans : Discussion

7) The information the receiver gets is called __________

A) Message.
B) Output.
C) Input.
D) Source.

Ans : Message

8) Communication is the __________of business.

A) Backbone.
B) Life blood.
C) Nervous system.
D) Both (1) & (2).

Ans : Backbone

9) _________ are welcome, for it is not obligatory to accept them.

A) Suggestion.
B) Order.
C) Courtesy.
D) Complaint.

Ans : Suggestion

10) ___________ refers to the special language of a trade .

A) Jargon
B) Expression.
C) Colloquialism.
D) Suggestion.

Ans : Jargon

11) Audio Visual communication is most suitable for mass ________ and mass ________

A) Publicity & education.
B) Policies & political.
C) Save & store.
D) Education & political.

Ans : Publicity & education.

12) The handshake that conveys confidence is

A) Limp
B) Firm
C) Loose
D) Double

Ans : Firm

13) Communication is the task of imparting _______

A) Training
B) Information
C) Knowledge
D) Message

Ans : Information

14) The _______ body of the presentation should be broken into short and clear units

A) Main
B) Middle
C) Upper
D) Lower

Ans : Main

15) Interpretation of data is followed by __________

A) Recommendation.
B) Suggestion.
C) Conclusions.
D) Complaint.

Ans : Suggestion

16) Gray colour refers __________

A) Confidence & wisdom.
B) Cheerfulness & vigour.
C) Life & coolness.
D) Danger.

Ans : Confidence & wisdom.

17) Statutory Report is ___________

A) An informal report.
B) Not having legal sanction.
C) Always a statistical report.
D) Formal report.

Ans : An informal report.

18) Motivation can be achieved through ___________ incentives.

A) Monetary.
B) Social.
C) Non-monetary.
D) Legal.

Ans : Monetary

19) The following is (are) non-verbal communication

A) Facial expression
B) Appearance
C) Posture
D) All of the above

Ans : All of the above

20) The following is the permanent records for business

A) Business letters
B) Ledgers
C) Production reports
D) All of the above

Ans : Business letters

21) Body of a letter is divided into _________ parts.

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

Ans : 3

22) The exit communication takes place when an employee ___________the organization.

A) Enter into.
B) Learning from.
C) Both
D) Leaves.

Ans : Enter into.

23) Goals help us to ______

A) Communicate
B) Success
C) Work
D) Motivate

Ans : Communicate

24) Communis means__________________.

A) A communist
B) To make common
C) Miscommunication
D) To keep discrete

Ans : A communist

25) Good communication implies__________.

A) Understanding
B) Agreement
C) Friendliness
D) Telepathy

Ans : Understanding




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