F.Y.B.COM Business Economics MCQ Collection

Business Economics

F.Y.B.COM Business Economics MCQ

FYB.COM Business Economics Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) The market demand schedule shows an _____ relationship between price and demand.      

A) Direct
B) No     
C) Inverse         
D) None of

Ans : Inverse

2) The market demand curve slopes _____.     

A) Upwards       
B) Horizontal    
C) Vertical
D) Downward

Ans : Downward 

3) _____ refers to the total quantities of commodity offered for sale by all in producers.          

A) Equilibrium price      
B) Market demand      
C) None of these         
D) Market supply 

Ans : Market supply 

4) When the market schedule is plotted on a graph we get _____ curve.

A) Equilibrium point    
B) Market demand      
C) None of these         
D) Market supply     

Ans : Market supply   

5) The market supply curve slopes _____ to the right.          

A) Downward   
B) Upwards       
C) Vertical         
D) Horizontal 

Ans : Downward

6) The _____ is determined by the interaction of market demand and supply.  

A) Market
B) Price 
C) Equilibrium point                
D) None of these 

Ans : Market

7) The point at which quantity demand equals to supply is the _____.    

A) Equilibrium point                            
B) None of these

Ans : Equilibrium point

8) With an increase in supply, demand remaining unchanged, the equilibrium price _____.          

A) Raised
B) Falls   
C) Constant       
D) None of these    

Ans : Falls  

9) _______ involves all those activities which facilitate transfer of ownership and movement of goods from the centres of production to the centres of consumption

A) Commerce
B) Science
C) Arts
D) Bio    

Ans : Commerce     

10) ___trade involves buying in smaller lots from the wholesaler’s and Selling in very small quantities to the consumers for personal consumption

A) Retail Trade
B) Sales Trade
C) Managing Trade
D) Promotion Trade

Ans : Retail Trade

11) When goods are imported from one country and then re exported to some other country, it is called _____

A) Sales Trade
B) Managing Trade
C) Promotion Trade
D) Entrepot trade

Ans : Entrepot trade

12) ____fills the place gap in commerce

A) Transport
B) Goods & Services
C) Driving
D) Services

Ans : Transport

13) ______ are the intermediaries who form a link between the buyers and the sellers

A) Mercantile Agents
B) Liberalization
C) Economic
D) Micro

Ans : Mercantile Agents

14) ______ is a significance of business to consumer

A) Goods Price
B) Reasonable price
C) Services Price
D) Communication Price

Ans : Reasonable price

15) ______ is a significance of business to firms

A) Expansion of business
B) Growth Of Business
C) Progress Of Business
D) Person Of Business

Ans : Expansion of business

16) _____ concept is a social orientation

A) Modern
C) Micro
D) Business

Ans : Modern

17) ______ are the goal, aims or purposes that organisations wish to achieve over varying period of time.

B) Micro
C) Business
D) Objectives

Ans : Objectives

18) _____environmental factors include human resources, financial resources, physical facilities

A) Internal
B) External
D) Micro

Ans : Internal

19) _____ is a set of consistent ethical values followed by an individual or an organisation

A) Value System
B) Value of Business
C) Value Of Plant
D) Value Of Programs

Ans : Value System

20) ______ is an organic objective

A) Survival
C) Micro
D) Business

Ans : Survival

21) ____ is an economic objective

A) Utilisation of Resources
B) Managements
C) Liability Resources
D) Comities Resources

Ans : Utilisation of Resources

22) The social objective applies towards all except


Ans : UFO

23) All except ____ is human objective of business

A) Rans
B) Fame
C) Came
D) Gond

Ans : Fame

24) The government has introduced , it aims at promoting healthy competition rather than interfering in the working of large companies.

A) Competition Act 2019
B) Competition Act 2002
C) Competition Act 2015
D) Competition Act 2017

Ans : Competition Act 2002

25) ___ refers to interlinking of domestic economy with the world economy it involves reduction or withdrawal or custom duties, quotas restrictions and so on

A) Globalisation
B) Competition Act
C) Liberalization
D) Bio ligation

Ans : Globalisation



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