F.Y.B.COM Environmental Studies MCQ Collection


Environmental Studies 

F.Y.B.COM Environmental Studies MCQ

F.Y.B.COM Environmental Studies Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) In which of the following cities for the first time waste removal system was established?

A) Athens
B) Lahore
C) Paris
D) London

Ans : Athens

2) Which of the following solid wastes describe the term ‘Municipal Solid Waste’?

A) Toxic
B) Hazardous
C) Non-toxic
D) Non-hazardous

Ans : Non-hazardous

3) Which of the following is done on an individual level?

A) Burning
B) Disposal
C) Source reduction
D) Recycling

Ans : Source reduction

4) Why is recycled paper banned for use in food containers?

A) Because it requires a lot of space
B) Because it creates contamination
C) Because paper can be used only one time
D) Because paper is very thick and can’t cover the food containers

Ans : Because it creates contamination

5) The burning of solid waste is not recommended because_________.

A) It causes several environmental issues
B) It is very costly
C) It requires a lot of space
D) It requires modern technologies

Ans : It causes several environmental issues

6) Which of the following methods is better for the solid waste problem?

A) Recycling
B) Land filling
C) Incineration
D) Dumping in ocean

Ans : Recycling

7) Which of the following statements is not correct about zero waste management?

A) Separate collection of each kind of waste
B) Segregation of garbage at the source
C) Community involvement
D) Incineration is the best waste disposal method

Ans : Incineration is the best waste disposal method

8) Which material includes in Non-biodegradable waste?

A) Synthetic
B) Organic
C) Inorganic
D) Agriculture

Ans : Synthetic

9) Which of the following state generate highest E-waste in India?

A) Tamil Nadu
B) Maharashtra
C) Gujarat
D) Delhi

Ans : Maharashtra

10) The collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal of waste material is called_______.

A) Waste Management
B) Water Management
C) Plastic Management
D) E-waste Management

Ans : Waste Management

11) Which of the following is effective waste management?

A) Biodegradable
B) Disposal
C) Avoidance
D) Reduce

Ans : Reduce

12) Name the city of waste disposal site of Gorai, Deonar and Mulund.

A) Mumbai
B) Delhi
C) Chennai
D) Bengalore

Ans : Mumbai

13) Why it is difficult to recycle plastics?

A) It is very hard
B) It is comes in different sizes
C)  It is adhesive
D)  It contains different types of polymer resins

Ans : It contains different types of polymer resins

14) Which of the following plans are used as a waste management plan?

A) Plan for reuse
B) The integrated plan
C) Plan for recycling
D) Plan for reduction

Ans : The integrated plan

15) The organic material of the solid waste will decomposed _________.

A) By the flow of water
B) By the soil particles
C) By the action of micro organism’s
D) By oxidation

Ans : By the action of micro organism’s

16) The process of burning Municipal solid waste under suitable temperature and conditions in a specific furnace is called _______.

A) Landfill
B) Incineration
C) Recycling
D) Vermicomposting

Ans : Incineration

17) Slash and burn agriculture is a ___________.

A) Shifting agriculture
B) Intensive agriculture
C) Commercial agriculture
D) Horticulture

Ans : Shifting agriculture

18) Which one of the following is a Rabi crops?

A) Rice
B) Wheat
C) Bajra
D) Jowar

Ans : Wheat

19) The largest tea producing state of India is____________.

A) Karnataka
B) Assam
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Arunachal Prades

Ans : Assam

20) Land degradation is a global problem largely related to ___________.

A) Deforestation
B) Agriculture use
C) Commercial use
D) Medicine use

Ans : Deforestation

21) The first United Nations conference held on Desertification in ___________.

A) 1975
B) 1977
C) 1990
D) 2000

Ans : 1977

22) Which of the following statement is not correct in regard to uneven food
productive globally?

A) The method of food production differ around the world
B) Climate of the area influences what is grown
C) The type of food produced depends upon relative availability of land,labour, capital and fossil fuels.
D) The agricultural policy by Government are same all over the world

Ans : The agricultural policy by Government are same all over the world

23) Rickets is caused due to lack of vitamin

A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

Ans : Vitamin D

24) Which is the following major gas caused of air pollution?

A) Carbon dioxide
B) Sulphur dioxide
C) Nitrogen dioxide
D) Ozone

Ans : Carbon dioxide

25) The Decibel is the measuring unit of _________.

A) Water pollution
B) Noise pollution
C) Air pollution
D) Land pollution

Ans : Noise pollution

26) Deforestation generally decreases

A) Rainfall
B) Soil erosion
C) Draught
D) Global warming

Ans : Rainfall

27) Chipko movement was started to conserve

A) Forests
B) Grasslands
C) Deserts
D) Soil

Ans : Forests

28) Afforestation is necessary for

A) Soil conservation
B) Soil erosion
C) Well control
D) Low humidity

Ans : Soil conservation

 29)  Air pollution is caused by

A) Insecticides
B) Sewage
C) Smoke
D) Loud speakers

Ans : Smoke

 30) 71% of earth surface is covered with:

A) Land
B) Air
C) Water
D) Coal

Ans : Water


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