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F.Y.B.COM Foundation Cource MCQ

F.Y.B.COM Foundation Cource Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) In India states are formed on the basis of

A) Caste
B) Religion
C) Language
D) Industrialisation

Ans : Language

2) Name the holy book of Hindus

A) Guru granth sahib
B) Quran
C) Bible
D) Bhagavad-Gita

Ans : Bhagavad-Gita

3) The official language of Indian Union is

A) Sanskrit
B) Hindi
C) Malayalam
D) Bengali

Ans : Hindi

4) The secondary official language of Indian Union is

A) English
B) Marathi
C) Sanskrit
D) Urdu

Ans : English

5) The Dravidian languages belong to

A) East India
B) North India
C) South India
D) South-east India

Ans : South India

6) Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam are

A) Dravidian languages
B) Aryan languages
C) Indo-Aryan languages
D) Foreign languages

Ans : Dravidian languages

7) The term caste is derived from the

A) France word
B) Latin word
C) Greek word
D) Spanish word

Ans : Spanish word

8) The state has the lowest literacy rate

A) Goa
B) Bihar
C) Mizoram
D) Tripura

Ans : Bihar

9) The main problem faced by rural population include

A) Pollution
B) Congestion
C) Overcrowding
D) Seasonal unemployment

Ans : Seasonal unemployment

10) The rural population in India are mostly engaged in ______________ sector

A) Primary
B) Secondary
C) Service
D) Primary and secondary

Ans : Primary

11) Major languages has been recognised by the Constitution of India

A) 22
B) 24
C) 26
D) 28

Ans : 22

12) The verna system classified individuals on the basis of occupation into

A) Three groups
B) Four groups
C) Five groups
D) Six groups

Ans : Four groups

13) Lord Mahavira is the 24th tirthankara of

A) Buddhism
B) Judaism
C) Hinduism
D) Jainism

Ans : Jainism

14) The holy book of the Sikhism is

A) Bible
B) Quran
C) Torah
D) Guru Grant Sahib

Ans : Guru Grant Sahib

15) Majority of the tribal population in India are

A) Christians
B) Buddhist
C) Hindus
D) Muslims

Ans : Hindus

16) Area wise India is ranked

A) Fourth
B) Seventh
C) Eight
D) Tenth

Ans : Seventh

17) Genter ratio is carried out in relation to

A) Birth ratio
B) Sex-ratio
C) Child
D) Death ratio

Ans : Sex-ratio

18) The number of females per thousand of male is known as

A) Sex-ratio
B) Child
C) Birth-ratio
D) Death ratio

Ans : Sex-ratio

19) The states in India has the highest gender ratio

A) Maharashtra
B) Gujarat
C) Assam
D) Kerala

Ans : Kerala

20) Dowry harassment is a type of

A) Criminal violence
B) Social violence
C) Domestic violence
D) Political violence

Ans : Domestic violence

21) Raja ram Mohan roy organised a movement ti oppose the practice of

A) Polygamy
B) Sati
C) Dowry
D) Child labor

Ans : Sati

22) In estate system who performed religious duties

A) Clergy
B) Aristocrates
C) Serf
D) Merchants

Ans : Clergy

23) Name the system which classifies individuals based on their economic position

A) Caste
B) Class
C) Estate
D) Community

Ans : Class

24) Structured inequality which rates and ranks members of the society

A) Diversity
B) Demography
C) Social Stratification
D) Aptitude

Ans : Social Stratification

25) The main reason of female foeticide

A) Unemployment
B) Globalisation
C) Inequality
D) Preference for male child

Ans : Preference for male child

26) The main reason for declining gender ratio is

A) Poverty
B) Pollution
C) Inequality
D) Smoking

Ans : Poverty

27) Brains inability to translate images into understandable languages

A) Galactocymia
B) Dyslexia
C) Down syndrome
D) Cretinism

Ans : Dyslexia

28) The main reason of female infanticide is

A) Preference for male child
B) Globalisation
C) Unemployment
D) Inequality

Ans : Preference for male child

29) A mentally challenged person has an IQ level of

A) Below 100
B) Below 90
C) Below 80
D) Below 70

Ans : Below 70

30) Mentally retardation due to extra chromosome

A) Cretinism
B) Galactocymia
C) Down syndrome
D) Microcephales

Ans : Down syndrome


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