Psychology MCQ | HSC Maharashtra Board



Psychology MCQ | HSC

Psychology HSC Maharastra Board Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

1) Till 1879, psychology was a branch of ______.

A) Physics
B) Philosophy
C) Physiology

Ans : Philosophy

2) Psychology is a ______ science.

A) Natural
B) Social
C) Biological

Ans : Social

3) ______ is considered as founder of Psychoanalysis.

A) Wilhelm Wundt
B) Carl Rogers
C) Sigmund Freud

Ans : Sigmund Freud

4) ______ has given formula of I.Q.

A) Binet
B) Stern
C) Wechsler

Ans : Stern

5) ______ has given the concepts of fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.

A) Cattell
B) Thorndike
C) Salovey

Ans : Cattell

6) ______ is an individual test of intelligence.

A) Army Alpha Test
B) Army Beta Test
C) Block Building Test

Ans : Block Building Test

7) A person who is shy and reserved is called an ______

A) Introvert
B) Extrovert
C) Ambivert

Ans : Introvert

8) The ink blot test was developed by psychologist ______.

A) Murray
B) Rorschach
C) Morgan

Ans : Rorschach

9) ______ traits are the dominant characteristics of a person.

A) Cardinal
B) Secondary
C) Central

Ans : Cardinal

10) When we select few stimuli from the environment and bring them into the center of our awareness, it is called _______.

A) Attention
B) Perception
C) Thinking

Ans : Attention

11) Ivan Pavlov is known for explaining learning by _____.

A) Classical conditioning
B) Operant conditioning
C) Observation

Ans : Classical conditioning

12) When we organise the information from the environment, group them and give some meaning, that process is called _______.

A) Attention
B) Perception
C) Thinking

Ans : Perception

13) In operant conditioning the experiment was conducted on _______.

A) Dog
B) Rat
C) Monkey

Ans : Rat

14) The change in behaviour due to practice or experience is known as ______.

A) Perception
B) Thinking
C) Learning

Ans : Learning

15) _________________ is a combination of bodily arousal, expressive behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

A) Response
B) Reaction
C) Emotions

Ans : Emotions

16) According to James Lange we first experience ________ then emotions.

A) Physical arousal
B) Feelings
C) Thoughts

Ans : Physical arousal

17) Emotion is used as a _______ to control others.

A) Weapon
B) Measure
C) Opportunity

Ans : Weapon

18) When you allow another person to exploit you, you are a victim of _____________ abuse.

A) Physical
B) Emotional
C) Social

Ans : Emotional

19) Exercising releases ____________ which makes you feel good as a stress buster.

A) Endorphins
B) Thyroxin
C) Insulin

Ans : Endorphins

20) _______ is the present system for classification of mental disorders.

A) DSM-5

Ans : DSM-5

21) Term Schizophrenia was first used by _______.

A) Albert Ellis
B) Eugene Bleuler
C) John Travis

Ans : Eugene Bleuler

22) World Health Organization has developed _____________ for classification of all types of disorders.


Ans : ICD

23) We find alternate phases of depression and mania in _______________ disorders.

A) Depressiv
B) Bipolar
C) Anxiety

Ans : Bipolar

24) One of the major obstacles to getting help from a mental health professional is the ____________ attached to mental illness.

A) Policy
B) Stigma
C) Society

Ans : Stigma

25) Friends and family are not a substitute for ________.

A) Solving problems
B) Giving solutions
C) Professional help

Ans : Professional help

26) In our culture, the _________ of an individual is considered to be the reflection of one's family.

A) Intelligence
B) Behaviour
C) Status

Ans : Behaviour

27) Individuals who experience ____________ commonly have a negative thinking style.

A) Depression
B) Phobia
C) Acute stress

Ans : Depression

28) _____ is the father of positive psychology.

A) Carver
B) Masten
C) Seligman

Ans : Seligman

29) Barbara Fredrickson introduced the Broaden and ____ theory.

A) Build
B) Emotion
C) Learning

Ans : Build

30) The belief that good things will happen is called as _____.

A) Pessimism
B) Resilience
C) Optimism

Ans : Optimism

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