Secretarial Practice MCQ | HSC Maharashtra Board


Secretarial Practice 

Secretarial Practice MCQ | HSC

Secretarial Practice HSC Maharashtra Board Multiple choice questions with answers

1) ______ is related to money and money management.

A) Production
B) Marketing
C) Finance

Ans : Finance

2) Finance is the management of ______ affairs of the company.

A) Monetary
B) Marketing
C) Production

Ans : Monetary

3) Corporation finance deals with the acquisition and use of ______ by business corporation.

A) Goods
B) Capital
C) Land

Ans : Capital

4) Companies has to pay ______ to government.

A) Taxes
B) Dividend
C) Interest

Ans : Taxes

5) ______ refers to any kind of fixed assets.

A) Authorised capital
B) Issued capital
C) Fixed capital

Ans : Fixed capital

6) ______ refers to the excess of current assets over current liabilities.

A) Working capital
B) Paid-up capital
C) Subscribed capital

Ans : Working capital

7) Manufacturing industries have to invest ______ amount of funds to acquire fixed assets.

A) Huge
B) Less
C) Minimal

Ans : Huge

8) When the population is increasing at high rate, certain manufacturers find this as an opportunity to ______ bbusiness.

A) Close
B) Expand
C) Contract

Ans : Expand

9) The sum of all ______ is gross working capital.

A) Expenses
B) Current assets
C) Current liabilities

Ans : Current assets

10) ______ means mix up of various sources of funds in desired proportion.

A) Capital budgeting
B) Capital structure
C) Capital goods

Ans : Capital structure

11) ______ is a smallest unit in the total share capital of the company.

A) Debenture
B) Bonds
C) Share

Ans : Share

12) The benefit of Depository Receipt is ability to raise capital in ___________ market.

A) National
B) Local
C) International

Ans : International

13) ______ are residual claimants against the income or assets of the company.

A) Bondholders
B) Equity Shareholders
C) Debenture holders

Ans : Equity Shareholders

14) ______ participate in the management of their company

A) Preference shareholders
B) Depositors
C) Equity shareholders

Ans : Equity shareholders

15) ______ shares are issued free of cost to existing equity shareholders.

A) Bonus
B) Right
C) Equity

Ans : Bonus

16) The holder of preference share has right to receive ______ rate of divided.

A) Fixed
B) Fluctuating
C) Lower

Ans : Fixed

17) Accumulated dividend is paid to ______ preference shares.

A) Redeemable
B) Cumulative
C) Convertible

Ans : Cumulative

18) The holder of ______ preference shares have right to convert their shares into equity shares.

A) Cumulative
B) Convertible
C) Redeemable

Ans : Convertible

19) Debenture holders are ______ of the company.

A) Creditors
B) Owners
C) Suppliers

Ans : Creditors

20) ______ is paid on borrowed capital.

A) Interest
B) Discount
C) Dividend

Ans : Interest

21) Debenture holders get fixed rate of ______ as return on their investment.

A) Interest
B) Dividend
C) Discount

Ans : Interest

22) Convertible debentures are converted into ______ after a specific period.

A) Equity shares
B) Deposits
C) Bonds

Ans : Equity shares

23) Retained earnings are ______ source of financing.

A) Internal
B) External
C) Additional

Ans : Internal

24) The holder of bond is ______ of the company.

A) Secretary
B) Owner
C) Creditor

Ans : Creditor

25) Company can accept deposits from public, minimum for ______ months.

A) Six
B) Nine
C) Twelve

Ans : Six

26) Company can accept deposits from public, maximum for ______ months.

A) 12
B) 24
C) 36

Ans : 36

27) A depository receipt traded in ______ is called American Depository receipt.

A) London
B) Japan
C) U.S.A

Ans : U.S.A

28) ______ refers to capital made up of Equity and preference shares

A) Share capital
B) Debt capital
C) Reserve fund

Ans : Share capital

29) ______ capital refers to maximum capital a company can raise by issuing shares.

A) Issued
B) Authorised
C) Paid-up

Ans : Authorised

30) ______ means shares are offered to the public.

A) Rights Issue
B) Private Placement
C) Public Issue

Ans : Public Issue

31) Under _________ method, issue price of shares is based on bidding.

A) Book Building
B) Fixed Price
C) Bonus Issue

Ans : Book Building

32) In ________, shares of a company are offered to the public for the first time.

A) Further Public Offer
B) Initial Public Offer
C) Public Offer

Ans : Initial Public Offer

33) ___________ is offered to existing equity shareholders.

C) Rights Issue

 Ans : Rights Issue

34) Bonus shares are issued free of cost to ______

A) Existing Equity shareholders
B) Existing employees
C) Directors

Ans : Existing Equity shareholders

35) ______ are offered to permanent employees, Directors and Officers of a company.

A) Bonus Shares
B) Rights Issue

Ans : ESOS

36) Under ______, a company offers its securities to a select group of persons not exceeding 200.

A) Private Placement
C) Public Offer

Ans : Private Placement

37) The ______ have the power to allot shares.

A) Director
B) Board of Directors
C) Company Secretary

Ans : Board of Directors

38) Letter of ______ is sent to applicants who have been given shares by the company.

A) Regret
B) Renunciation
C) Allotment

Ans : Allotment

39) ______ is a proof of title to Shares.

A) Share Certificate
B) Register of Member
C) Letter of Allotment

Ans : Letter of Allotment

40) The gap between two calls should not be less than ______

A) 14 days
B) One month
C) 21 days

Ans : One month

41) Company can ______ shares on non-payment of calls.

A) Forfeit
B) Surrender
C) Allot

Ans : Forfeit

42) Voluntarily giving away one’s share to another person is called as______of shares.

A) Transfer
B) Transmission
C) Surrender

Ans : Transfer

44) ______ of shares takes place due to operation of law.

A) Forfeiture
B) Allotment
C) Transmission

Ans : Transmission

45) A company can issue ____________ convertible debentures.

A) Only partly
B) Only fully
C) Partly or fully

Ans : Only fully

46) Money from ___________  Account is used for redemption of debentures

A) Capital
B) Debenture Redemption Reserve
C) Profit or loss

Ans : Debenture Redemption Reserve

47) _______  protects the interest of debenture holders

A) Debenture Trustees
B) Debenture holders
C) Redemption Reserve

Ans : Debenture Trustees

48) Secured debentures must be redeemed within _____________ from the date of its issue

A) 10 days
B) 10 years
C) 15 years

Ans : 10 years

49) A company issuing ______________ debenture must create a charge on the assets of the company

A) Secured
B) Unsecured
C) Redeemable

Ans : Secured

50) Debenture certificate must be issued within ___________ of allotment of debentures.

A) 3 months
B) 6 months
C) 60 days

Ans : 6 months

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