Swift Variables

Swift Programming Language By Knownion

Variables are used to store data in memory so that we can use them in program. Variables are like container that can hold data which can be changed later. Every variable has a unique name called identifier.

Variable Declaration In Swift?

A variable declaration tells the compiler of which type, where and how much to create the storage for the variable. Declarations of variables are made using the var keyword.


import Cocoa
var firstvar = 68


Type Annotations

Programmers can supply a type annotation when they declare a variable, to be clear about the kind of value(s) that the declared variable can store. The general form of using this variable is:


var variableName:<data type> = <optional initial value>


import Cocoa
var firstvar = 68
println (firstvar)
var secVar:Float
secVar = 3.14159
println (secVar)
println(" 1st Value \(varA) 2nd Value \(varB) ")

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