Operating System Unit 2 MCQ

Operating System

Unit 2 MCQ

Operating System Unit 2 MCQ


If you have multiple kernel images installed on your system, ________________ is used to choose the required kernal.

  1. GRUB
  2. MBR
  3. BIOS

Answer: GRUB

____________________ is a system call used for creating new processes.

  1. exec() 
  2. fork()
  3. wait()
  4. pipe()

Answer: fork()

________________ provide an interface to the services made available by an operating system. 

  1. System calls
  2. File
  3. Hardware
  4. API

Answer: System calls

The system call ___________________ runs when an executable file in the context of an already running process that replaces the older executable file.

  1. fork()
  2. exec()
  3. msgget()
  4. kill()

Answer: exec()

The ___________________ system call is used by OS to send a termination signal to a process that urges the process to exit.

  1. kill()
  2. exit()
  3. wait()
  4. end()

Answer: kill()

........ increases CPU utilization by organizing jobs (code and data) so that the CPU always has one to execute.

  1. Multiprogramming
  2. Multitasking
  3. Multiview
  4. Multiprocessing

Answer: Multiprogramming

main memory is too small to accommodate all jobs, the jobs are kept initially on the disk in the ..........

  1. swim pool
  2. job pool
  3. memory pool
  4. disk pool

Answer: job pool

............. is a logical extension of multi-programming.

  1. Job Sharing
  2. Time Sharing
  3. Task Sharing
  4. File Sharing

Answer: Time Sharing

Each user has at least one separate program in memory. A program loaded into memory and executing is called a

  1. Process
  2. Program
  3. Data
  4. Text

Answer: Process

... to gain extra permissions for an activity. The user may need access to a device that is restricted

  1. escalate privileges
  2. root privileges
  3. user privileges
  4. device privileges

Answer: escalate privileges

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