Rust Program to Create random strings

Create random strings

Rust Programming Language

Create random strings


In Rust, we can generate random strings using the rand crate. Here's an example program that demonstrates how to create a random string of a given length.


use rand::Rng;


fn main() {
    let length = 10;

    let mut rng = rand::thread_rng();

    let random_string: String = (0..length)
        .map(|_| rng.gen_range(b'a', b'z') as char)

    println!("{}", random_string);




In this program, we first import the rand::Rng trait. We then set the length of the random string we want to generate to 10.

Next, we create a new rand::thread_rng() object, which is a thread-local random number generator. We then generate a random string of length 10 by using the map() method to generate a random character for each position in the string. We use the gen_range() method to generate a random integer in the range of b'a' to b'z' (inclusive), and then convert the integer to a character using the as char syntax. Finally, we collect the generated characters into a String using the collect() method.

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