Mini-project for Wings - Exploratory Data Analysis_FP (62633)

Exploratory Data Analysis FP (62633)

(Frescoplay & Ievolve)

TCS Wings T3 Exploratory Data Analysis

Please follow these steps in the Handson:

  1. Execute "sh" in terminal.
  2. Open the Jupyter notebook (with the IPYNB extension):
  3. Copy and paste cells from below. (In handson page)

After that check this:

Ensure that the status displays "11 test cases passed" in green color.

Quetion & Directions: 

  • The data required for this task has been provided in the file 'data.csv'
  • Read the questions provided for each cell and assign your answers to respective variables provided in the following cell.
  • If answers are floating point numbers round of updo two floating point after the decimal
  • for example 10.546 should be read as 10.55, 10.544 as 10.54 and 10.1 as 10.10
  • pandas and numpy packages are preinstalled for this task which should be sufficient to complete this task.
  • If you need any other additional package run !pip3 install <package_name> --user in a new cell.
  • You can either try out the solution in the same notebook or free to create additional notebook, but make sure you come back to this notebook to answer the questions.
  • Please dont change variable name meant to assign your answers.
  • You can create a new notebook to write your scripts for EDA and use this notebook to assign the answers.

The hands-on exercise begins at this point.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np{codeBox}

### Read the data (this will not be graded)

What is the standard deviation of maximum windspeed across all the days.

ws_std = 13.06 {codeBox}

What is the difference between 50th percentile and 75th percentile of average temperature.

p_range =12.20 {codeBox}

What is the pearson correlation between average dew point and average temperature.

corr = 0.76 {codeBox}

Out of all the available records which month has the lowest average humidity.
- Assign your answer as month index, for example if its July index is 7.

dew_month = 1{codeBox}

Which month has the highest median for maximum_gust_speed out of all the available records. Also find the repective value
- hint: group by month.

max_gust_value = 34.50
max_gust_month = 2{codeBox}

Determine the average temperature between the months of March 2010 to May 2012 (including both the months).

avg_temp = 45.33{codeBox}

Find the range of averange temperature on Dec 2010.

temp_range = 44.80 {codeBox}

Out of all available records which day has the highest difference between maximum_pressure and minimum_pressure
- assign the date in string format as 'yyyy-mm-dd'. Make sure you enclose it with single quote.

max_p_range_day = '2018-03-23'{codeBox}

How many days falls under median (i.e equal to median value) of barrometer reading.

median_b_days = 534 {codeBox}

Out of all the available records how many days are within one standard deviation of average temperaturem.

num_days_std = 2092{codeBox}

Important: After assigning values to the respective variables, be sure to execute the last row to save the values and verify the test cases. Only after all 11 test cases have passed should you submit the hands-on exercise.

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