Energy Resources (Geography Solutions Class 6)

Energy Resources

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Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Geography Solutions Chapter 9 Energy Resources

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Geography Class 6 Chapter 9 : Energy Resources

Q.A) What resource will have to be used for the following work.

(1) Rohan wants to fly a kite.

Answer: Wind Energy

(2) People in an Adivasi hamlet have to be protected from the cold.

Answer: Wood

(3) Cooking on a picnic.

Answer: Wood

(4) Salma wants to iron her clothes.

Answer: Electricity

(5) Starting a railway-engine.

Answer: Thermal Energy

(6) Heating water for a bath.

Answer: Electricity

(7) After sunset, making light available inside the house.

Answer: Electricity

Q.B) Answer the following questions.

(1) Which energy resources does man use the most? Why?

  1. The energy resource we use the most is oil as it has a wide array of uses. It is used as fuel which includes petrol, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, LPG gas, etc.
  2. It is also used in cosmetics, medicines, paints, lubricants, etc.

(2) Why are energy resources needed?

  1. The demand for energy resources is increasing due to growing population, urbanisation and growing needs of man.
  2. Energy resources are needed to prepare food, generate electricity, to propel vehicles and for other domestic and industrial needs.
  3. We engage in various activities to fulfill our needs, for which we need energy from natural resources.
  4. Our life will come to a standstill without resources like petrol, wind, natural gas, sunlight, besides other resources.
  5. Maharashtra Board Class 6 Geography Solutions Chapter 9 Energy Resources

(3) Why do we need to use environment friendly energy resources?

  1. There are many energy resources which are environment-friendly, which are renewable and which aid in harnessing natural processes.
  2. When we use environment-friendly energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, energy from waste, etc.
  3. We are contributing towards environment conservation, preservation and protection.
  4. This will help in reducing the deterioration of environment due to use of non-eco friendly energy resources apart from reducing problems arising from pollution caused due to burning of fossil fuels and biomass energy, climate change, etc.
  5. Environment-friendly resources will not only lead to sustainable development but also provide energy security which is the need of the hour.

Q.C) Explain the differences using the points in the brackets.

(availability, environment-friendliness, advantages and drawbacks)

(1) Mineral oil and solar energy


Mineral oil and solar energy

(2) Hydel power and power from geothermal source


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