Rocks and Rock Types (Geography Solutions Class 6)

Rocks and Rock Types

Six Standard Geography Cover

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Geography Solutions Chapter 7 Rocks and Rock Types

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Geography Class 6 Chapter 7 : Rocks and Rock Types

Q.B) Which of the following monuments are built in igneous rock?

(1) The Taj Mahal
(2) Fort Raigad
(3) The Red Fort
(4) Ellora Sculpture

Answer: Ellora Sculpture

Q.C) Find the differences between.

(1) Igneous and sedimentary rocks


Igneous and sedimentary rocks

(2) Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks


Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks

(3) Igneous and metamorphic rocks


Igneous and metamorphic rocks

Q.D) Which types of rocks are predominantly found at the following locations?

(1) Central Maharashtra
(2) South Konkan
(3) Vidarbha


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