Importance of Oceans (Geography Solutions Class 6)

Importance of Oceans

Six Standard Geography Cover

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Geography Solutions Chapter 6 Importance of Oceans

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Geography Class 6 Chapter 6 : Importance of Oceans

Q.A) Find the odd man out.

(1) Shell, fish, crab, ship

Answer: ship

(2) Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea, Caspian Sea

Answer: Dead Sea

(3) Sri Lanka, India, Norway, Peru

Answer: Sri Lanka

(4) Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Bay of Bengal

Answer: Bay of Bengal

(5) Natural gas, salt, gold, manganese

Answer: Natural gas

Q.B) Write the answers.

(1) Which items does man get from the oceans?

Answer: Salt, fish, shells and other products, minerals like iron, lead, cobalt, sodium, manganese, chromium, zinc, mineral oil and natural gas are the items man gets from oceans.

(2) Why It is economic to carry out transport by water ways.

  1. Waterways is a cost-effective, fuel efficient and relatively more environment friendly means of transportation.
  2. Large scale transport of goods can be carried out with the help of ships, trawlers, boats, etc. at a low cost.
  3. So it is economic to carry out transport by waterway.

(3) Why There is a difference in the climate of regions close to the oceans and regions far away from the oceans.

  1. The oceans influence the climatic condition of a place. Coastal areas are cooler and wetter than regions away from the ocean.
  2. There is a difference in the maximum and minimum temperature with the difference being less in coastal region (nearness to the sea) while it is more in the region far away from the sea (continentality).
  3. The temperature in coastal areas remains equable due to the mixing of vapour released through evaporation of water from these water bodies into air. This vapour absorbs and stores the heat released from the land.

(4) Which continents are located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean?

Answer: Asia, Australia, North America and South America are the continents located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

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