Weather and Climate (Geography Solutions Class 6)

Weather and Climate

Six Standard Geography Cover

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Geography Solutions Chapter 4 Weather and Climate

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Geography Class 6 Chapter 4 : Weather and Climate

Q.A) Who am I?

(1) I keep on changing.

Answer: Weather.

(2) I am not the same in all places.

Answer: Climate.

(3) I am the solid state of water droplets.

Answer: Snow.

(4) I am present in the atmosphere in the form of vapour.

Answer: Moisture.

Q.B) Answer the following.

(1) Why is the climate of Mahabaleshwar cool?

Answer: The climate of Mahabaleshwar is cool because it is situated at a high elevation. So, as we move upward from sea-level, the temperature of air decreases.

(2) Why is the climate near the sea humid?

Answer: The climate near the sea is humid because it contains greater amount of vapour mixed in the air.

(3) What is the difference between weather and climate?


difference between weather and climate

(4) What are the elements of weather?

Answer: The elements of weather are:
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Winds
  • Moisture and
  • Precipitation.

(5) What effects do nearness to the sea and height above mean sea level have on the climate?

Answer: Nearness to the sea leads to a humid climate whereas height above mean sea level will lead to a cool climate.

Q.C) For the climatic conditions mentioned in the table, name the representative places known to you. (Use an atlas.)

climatic conditions

Q.D) Complete the following table.

Complete the following table.


Answer Complete the following table.

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