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Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Geography Solutions Chapter 5 Temperature

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Geography Class 6 Chapter 5 : Temperature

Q.A) Where am I?

(1) The isotherm 0°C runs in my surroundings.

Answer: Northern Asia/Northem Canada.

(2) The mean annual temperature is 25°C around me.

Answer: Central Africa.

(3) The mean annual temperature around me is 10°C.

Answer: Northern Europe/Central Asia/USA.

Q.B) Who am I?

(1) I connect places of equal temperature.

Answer: Isotherm.

(2) I am useful for measuring the correct temperature.

Answer: Simple thermometer.

(3) I get heated due to the land or water near me.

Answer: Air.

(4) Land and water gets heated due to me.

Answer: Sunrays.

Q.C) Answer the following.


(1) Explain with a diagram, the effect of the spherical shape of the earth on the temperature at different latitudes.

  1. Due to the spherical shape of the earth and the resultant curvature of the surface, sunrays occupy a larger or a lesser area.
  2. Equatorial regions which receive straight rays of the sun occupy less space and heat received is more.
  3. Polar regions receive slant rays of the sun occupy larger space but the heat received is less.

(2) What is the relation between the latitudinal extent and temperature of a region?

  1. 0° and 23° 30′ North and South perpendicular rays. Temperatures are higher throughout the year.
  2. 23° 30′ and 66° 30′ North and South receive extreme slant rays. Temperatures are moderate.
  3. 66° 30′ and 90° North and South receive extreme slant rays. Temperatures are very low.

(3) What makes the isotherms run zigzag over continental areas?

Answer: Isotherms run zigzag over continental areas because the temperature is influenced by its physical set up and height above the mean sea level on the continent.

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