District Administration (Civics Solutions Class 6)

District Administration

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board History Class 6

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Civics Solutions Chapter 5 District Administration

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Civics Class 6 Chapter 5 : District Administration

Q.1) Answer in one sentence.

(1) Who heads the District Administration?

Answer: The District Collector heads the District Administration.

(2) What is the responsibility of the Tahsildar?

Answer: As a judicial officer he gives judgements to resolve conflicts at the local level, he also has the responsibility of maintaining peace and order in Taluka.

(3) Which court is at the apex of the judiciary?

Answer: The Supreme Court of India is at the apex of the judiciary.

(4) Which disaster can we be forewarned about?

Answer: We can be forewarned about floods and storms.

Q.2) Match the following.

Match the following

  • a - 2
  • b - 3
  • c - 1
  • d - 4

Q.3) Discuss the following issues.

(1) Disaster Management

  1. Sometimes, we may have to face a calamity. It could be a natural disaster like floods, fire, a cloudburst, cyclone, earthquake, landslide or problems like riots, bomb blasts, breaking of a dam, epidemics, etc.
  2. These disasters lead to loss of human lives and displacement of people beside tremendous financial losses.
  3. Therefore, the issues of rehabilitation becomes important.
  4. Disaster management is a process which enables one to face a disaster in a scientific and organized manner. The entire machinery of a district is involved in the process.

(2) Functions of the District Collector.

  1. The District Collector is the head of the district administration.
  2. He has to perform many functions from collecting agricultural tax to maintaining law and order in the district. To ensure smooth conduct of elections and disaster management.

Q.4) Which of the following positions would you like to be in, and why?

(1) District Collector, Chief of the District Police, Judge.

Answer: I would like to be the chief of the District Police. Joining the Police Department is my childhood dream. I would like to maintain law and order in the society and provide people a sense of security. I have the qualities of patriotism and determination which are vital to join the police service. I will work for my fitness too and serve my country with total commitment.

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