The Harappan Civilization (History Solution Class 6)

The Harappan Civilization

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board History Class 6

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 History Solutions of Chapter 3 The Harappan Civilization

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History Class 6 Chapter 3 : The Harappan Civilization

Q.1) Answer in One Sentence

1) How did the civilization get the name Harappa?

Answer: Archaeological excavation first began in 1921 CE at Harappa in Punjab on the banks of river Ravi. That is how this civilization came to be known as Harappan civilization.

2) What patterns are seen on the Harappan pots?

Answer: There are red terra cotta pots with patterns and designs in black colour. The patterns includes fishscales, interlocking circles, pipal leaves, etc.

3) What cloth did the Harappan traders supply to Egypt?

Answer: The Harappan traders supplied muslin cloth to Egypt

Q.2) What will you do when you visit an ancient site to obtain more information about it, to conserve it, etc ?

Q.3) Draw a picture of the Great Bath at Mohen-jo-daro.


  • A spacious bath has been discovered at Mohen-jo-daro.
  • The tank in the Great Bath was nearly 2.5 metres deep, 12 metres long and 7 metres wide.
  • It was lined with baked bricks to prevent seepage of water.
  • There were steps leading down to the tank.
  • There was also a provision for draining, cleaning and re-filling the tank at regular intervals.

Q.4) In the following chart, fill in the details regarding human life during the Harappan period.


Q.5) Answer in one word and frame similar questions. Write their answers:

(1) What stone was used to make the Harappan seals?

Answer: Steatite

Q.6) On an outline map of the world, show the other civilizations that existed in other parts of the world during the Harappan period.

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