Urban Local Government Bodies (Civics Solutions Class 6)

Urban Local Government Bodies

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board History Class 6

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Civics Solutions Chapter 4 Urban Local Government Bodies

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Civics Class 6 Chapter 4 : Urban Local Government Bodies

Q.1) Choose the right option and fill in the blanks.

(1) The first city in India to have a Municipal
Corporation is
(a) Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Agra

Answer: Mumbai

(2) The body that looks after the administration of places that are in the process of becoming cities:
(a) Municipal Council
(b) Municipal Corporation
(c) Nagar Panchayat

Answer: Municipal Council

(3) The office bearer who supervises the work of the Municipal Council is the
(a) Chief Officer
(b) Executive Officer
(c) Commissioner

Answer: Executive officer

Q.2) Answer in brief.

(1) What problems do people face in cities?

Answer: There are several problems in cities: Shortage of housing, insufficient space, traffic congestion, problem of waste disposal, increase in crime and a large proportion of slum population.

(2) Name the various committees of the Municipal Corporation.

Answer: Education committee, Health committee, Transport committee, Standing committee, Ward committee, Women and Child Welfare committee, etc.

Q.3) Make a chart giving information about the urban local government bodies according to the points given below.


Q.4) Can you tell?

(1) Which are essential functions of the Municipal Council.

Answer: The essential functions of Municipal Council are:
  1. Lighting of public streets.
  2. Providing drinking water.
  3. Maintaining public hygiene.
  4. Sewage disposal.
  5. Registration of birth/death/marriage, etc.

(2) Where does the Nagar Panchayat function?

Answer: Nagar Panchayat functions in those areas which are neither fully rural nor fully urban.

Q.5) Make different lists of places in your district according to whether they have a Nagar Panchayat, Municipal Council or a Municipal Corporation.

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