Sources of History (History Solution Class 6)

Sources of History

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board History Class 6

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 History Solutions of Chapter 2 Sources of History

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History Class 6 Chapter 2 : Sources of History

Q.1) Answer in One Sentence

1) In the past, what materials were used for writing?

Answer: In the past, materials like potsherds, unbaked bricks, bark of birch trees and copper plates were used for writing.

2) What information is obtained from Vedic literature?

Answer: We come to know of life of man and ancient Indian History from the Vedic literature.

3) Which literature is preserved by oral tradition?

Answer: Owis, folk songs, folk tales and similar literature is preserved by oral tradition.

Q.2) Classify the following sources as material, written and oral sources

Copper-plate, folk tales, pottery, beads, travelogues, owis, inscriptions, Vedic literature, stupa, coin, Puranas

  • Material sources: pottery, stupa, coin, beads
  • Written sources: Copper-plate, travelogues, inscriptions, Vedic literature, Puranas
  • Oral sources: folk tales, owis

Q.3) Observe the picture of earthen pots and try to make similar ones.

Q.4) Observe any coin and note the following things.

  • Inscription on the coin: Picture of Queen Victoria
  • Metal used: Gold
  • Year of the coin: 1862
  • Symbol on the coin: Queen Victoria
  • Picture, language, shape, and denomination of the coin: Queen Victoria, English, round, denomination as per size of the coin.

Q.5) Do you know a few things by heart? Present them in your group

Example: Poems, Prayers, Tables, etc

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 6 Additional Questions

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